What's New


  • Mechanics of sustainable materials
  • Mechanics of flexible electronics
  • Mechanics of nanoelectronics
  • Mechanics of low-dimensional carbon (graphene, CNTs, CNSs)
  • Mechanics of engery systems (Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries)
  • Thin films and multilayered structures
  • Mechanics of organic/inorganic hybrids
  • Biomechanics of cells and subcellular structures

Selected Publications

Review Papers

Recent Awards

  • Society of Engineering Science (SES) Young Investigator Medal, 2016
  • Summer Research and Scholarship Award (UMD), 2014
  • E. Robert Kent Outstanding Teaching Award, 2012
  • Keystone Professor (UMD Clark School Academy of Distinguished Professors), 2012~
  • US National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Fellowship, 2012
  • NSF International Travel Fellowship, 2010
  • NSF Summer Institute Fellowship, 2009, 2010
  • General Research Board Summer Research Award (UMD), 2009
  • Ralph E. Powe Jr. Faculty Award (ORAU), 2007
  • The 1st UMD Sci/Terp Video Competition, Runner-up, 2007 (video)
  • Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Best Poster Award, 2006
      on Thin film & Small Scale Mechanical Behavior, Waterville, ME
  • Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Poster Award, 2005
      on Ceramics, Solid State Studies In, Tilton, NH 
  • Materials Research Society (MRS) Outstanding Poster Award, 2004
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