What's New

  • 2015/12: Research on strain engineering of graphene is published in Physical Review Letters. It is selected to be the cover feature of the 2015-12-11 issue of PRL as well as an "Editors' Suggestion". The paper is highlighted by Nature magazine, APS Physics, and other media, such as R&D Magazine, Phys.org, World News, etc. It is featured in the front page of www.umd.edu on 16 Dec. 2015.
  • Research Highlight
  • 2015/10: Prof. Teng Li is selected to be the recepient of the 2016 Society of Engineering Science (SES) Young Investigator Medal.
  • 2015/07: Research on cellulose nanopaper is published in PNAS. It is highlighted in the front page of www.umd.edu and receives other media coverage, including The Economics Times, R&D Magazine, Phys.org, etc.
  • 2015/04: Zheng Jia wins the 5th annual UMD Distinguished Dissertation Award! Zheng is one of four winners across the whole campus and the sole winner in the disciplinary area of Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering. Heartiest congratuations to Zheng! (This is the second time Li group member receives this distinguished recognition, after Zhao Zhang in 2012).
  • 2014/04: Shuze Zhu receives 2014 UMD Graduate Dean's Dissertation Fellowship. Congrats, Shuze, for this distinguished honor!
  • 2014/04: Shuze Zhu receives 2014 UMD Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship. Congrats, Shuze!
  • 2014/02: Research on hydrogenation assisted graphene origami (HAGO) receives wide media coverage, including Discovery Channel News, IEEE Spectrum, Phys.org, etc. It is highlighted in the front page of www.umd.edu and becomes a "Most Read Article" in ACS Nano in March 2014.
  • 2013/10: Research on wood-based Na-ion batteries is cover-featured in the Fall 2013 issue of E@M Magazine, and also highlighted in the video of Energy and Sustainability Innovations at UMD Clark School of Engineering
  • 2013/06: Our collaborative research with Prof. Hu's group on Na-ion batteries is published in Nano Letters, which has then gained wide media coverage, including NPR, Forbes, The Economist, etc.
  • 2013/05: Zheng Jia is awarded the Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship. Among the 11 inaugural awardees across the whole campus, Zheng is the sole recipient in the A. James Clark School of Engineering. Congrats, Zheng!
  • 2013/05: Shuze Zhu receives the Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship for Summer 2013. Congrats, Shuze!
  • 2013/02: Prof. Li receives the 2012 E. Robert Kent Outstanding Teaching Award. This annual award is given to a Clark School junior faculty member to honor excellence in teaching.
  • 2013/02: Our collaborative research on Li-ion batteries leads to a paper published in ACS Nano, titled "A Beaded-String Silicon Anode". Congrats, Zheng!
  • 2013/01: Shuze Zhu is selected to be a 2013 AJC Future Faculty Fellow. Congrats!
  • 2012/11: Shuze Zhu won the Best Student Paper Award (3rd place) in ASME Applied Mechanics Division at ASME Congress 2012. Congrats, Shuze!
  • 2012/09: Shuze Zhu receives Haythornthwaite Foundation Travel Award from ASME Applied Mechanics Division. Congrats, Shuze!
  • 2012/09: Prof. Li is selected to be a Keystone Professor - The Clark School Academy of Distinguished Professors
  • 2012/06: The collaboration between NIST Fellow Dr. Strocio's group and our UMD team (Solares and Li groups) on straining suspended graphene leads to a paper published in the June 22, 2012 issue of Science. It is also selected as one of Highlights of Research in this issue of Science. Congrats, Shuze!


  • Mechanics of flexible electronics
  • Mechanics of nanoelectronics
  • Mechanics of low-dimensional carbon (graphene, CNTs, CNSs)
  • Mechanics of engery systems (Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries)
  • Thin films and multilayered structures
  • Mechanics of organic/inorganic hybrids
  • Biomechanics of cells and subcellular structures

Selected Publications

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Recent Awards

  • Society of Engineering Science (SES) Young Investigator Medal, 2016
  • Summer Research and Scholarship Award (UMD), 2014
  • E. Robert Kent Outstanding Teaching Award, 2012
  • Keystone Professor (UMD Clark School Academy of Distinguished Professors), 2012~
  • US National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Fellowship, 2012
  • NSF International Travel Fellowship, 2010
  • NSF Summer Institute Fellowship, 2009, 2010
  • General Research Board Summer Research Award (UMD), 2009
  • Ralph E. Powe Jr. Faculty Award (ORAU), 2007
  • The 1st UMD Sci/Terp Video Competition, Runner-up, 2007 (video)
  • Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Best Poster Award, 2006
      on Thin film & Small Scale Mechanical Behavior, Waterville, ME
  • Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Poster Award, 2005
      on Ceramics, Solid State Studies In, Tilton, NH 
  • Materials Research Society (MRS) Outstanding Poster Award, 2004
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